Fitted cotton hoodie front view
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OW2 - Fitted cotton hoodie

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An ultra-versatile garment, equipped with the functionality to follow your movements when training or providing you with comfort when relaxing, working or travelling The exceptional high quality Funo cotton fabric (rigorously made in Italy) offers a revolutionary fit, with zips at the back for looser comfort, extra-long sleeves to adapt to your arms in every sport you're practising, and our unique obsidian print inside the hood. A large hidden pouch, accessible via two zipped pockets on your sides, gives you ample storage or space to warm your hands, with an internal hole for your headphones too. Petra reinvents the hoodie.

Athletic fit designed for the fitness fanatic: broader shoulders, slimmer waist, and powerful thighs. For a comfier fit go a size up, and for a skinny fit go a size down.