Casual cotton shorts front view
OW10 - Casual cotton shorts
Pocket zip detail


OW10 - Casual cotton shorts

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The OW10 is a more casual pair of shorts, providing great comfort, a fashionable cut and a cool combination of black and Petra's unique Obsidian print. These shorts represent the versatility at the heart of our brand. The garment is comprised of soft Funo cotton on the waistband and quick dry Arco fabric, with zipped pockets to equip them for workouts, everyday use, travel and hanging out at the weekend. To complete the look, the OW10 shorts are best paired with our OW4 shirt.

Athletic fit designed for the fitness fanatic: broader shoulders, slimmer waist, and powerful thighs. For a comfier fit go a size up, and for a skinny fit go a size down.