Technical stretch sweatpants front view
Technical stretch sweatpants back view
Petra waistband detail
Ankle zip and reflex detail
Zip tape pocket detail


OM9 - Technical stretch sweatpants

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When designing these sweatpants, we took a radical approach, inventing something not yet seen before. We strived to achieve it all: comfort, freedom of movement, warmth, sweat wicking, practicality, simplicity and style, all at the same time - and we succeeded. The incredible̴Ì_Superroubaix̴Ì_fabric, with wonderful thermal properties - soft on the inside, yet durable on the outside - will give you a unique sensation of freshness and comfort for your legs. Fitted on the calves, with zips on the ankles, they will remain in place whatever sport you perform. The 4-way stretch gently wraps your legs for cycling, running or kicking. The loose fit on the thighs will result in a comfort never experienced before, and an unmistakable modern look; once you wear these, you will not want to take them off. The OM10 is equipped with zipped pockets, and black reflex logos.

Athletic fit designed for the fitness fanatic: broader shoulders, slimmer waist, and powerful thighs. For a comfier fit go a size up, and for a skinny fit go a size down.